A valid alternative to traditional braces

Invisalign treatment is the transparent alternative to traditional braces for children, teenagers and adults.
If you are interested in Invisalign treatment, you may contact a trained Invisalign Doctor. From several years, Doc. Squarci is the expert Invisalign provider of our practice.
Among the branches of Dentistry, Orthodontics is the one concerning the study of a proper solution to adjust the position of teeth; it aims to restore the chewing function affecting posture and musculoskeletal joints.

The orthodontist can intervene:
• surgically to save an impacted tooth;
• surgically extracting healthy teeth to favour proper alignment (as in tooth crowding);
• By employing fixed appliances in adults or patients with permanent teeth, (fixed orthodontics) or removable braces in still growing patients (pediatric dentistry).

Our Tips

Prophylaxis Cleaning with calcium phosphates

We recommend regular applications of calcium phosphates-based products to maintain the correct enamel mineralisation and prevent caries, white spots, sensitive gums etc., especially during childhood.

Fill up tooth grooves with sealants

The OMS and the Department of Health recommend sealants to fill up the grooves in permanent molars and premolars to guarantee a better cleaning of children’s teeth occlusal surface and prevent the risk of bacterial infiltration and decay.
This procedure is painless and safe but must be carried out according to the correct timing of intervention.
The dentist will guide you in choosing the right moment to carry out this important form of prevention.

Periodic checks

We recommend at least six-monthly visits and professional hygiene sessions.

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