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Firenze Duomo – Via delle Oche, 9
Firenze Rifredi – Via Giovanni del Pian dei Carpini, 96/2

Go to the dentist with pleasure?

It is one of our main goals. Since the very first visit, we welcome the new patients first of all as a person. We listen to their needs, enquire about their past experiences and their general state of health to create a trust-based relationship and mutual understanding.

We hope to become your family dentist: a trustworthy expert to recommend to your friends and family and who can follow you throughout the various stages of life. A dentist to be proud of.

Our practice

Our practice is not just a medical clinic but is a place where the patient can feel at ease and understood. One of our concerns is to understand patient needs and determine appropriate and rapid treatment. What we care about is not only oral health but also physical and mental ones.

“The patient well-being is our primary concern, so we work hard every day to individuate  PAINLESS TREATMENTS”

No one likes to feel  pain: for this reason we put all our efforts into making very confortable painless visits for our patients.


It is very important to engage children during the visit as well as in case of treatment.  Our team explains to youngers patients every step and the aim of the whole procedure, using appropriate and comprehensible terms based on their age.
If children are informed and aware of what is happening around them, they can be actively involved in the treatment in total safeness and tranquillity.

Our treatments

Our priority is to understand the patient needs and determine appropriate and rapid treatments.


Dental Cleaning

Oral hygiene is the first step for good long term mouth health.
Thanks to the use of latest-generation dental ultrasonic cleaners and polishing systems  we provide high-quality hygiene sessions.


Pediatric Dentistry

Dedicated to the most important ones in all families: children. Our team is specialised in the treatment of youngers so that every little patient will have a dental exam in a peaceful place designed for them.



Our focus is not only on oral health but also on aesthetic. During the years, we specialised in state-of-the-art whitening techniques to give you the bright, radiant smile you always wanted!



Our clinic is specialised in the treatment of dental malocclusion. Doc. Virginia Squarci is the orthodontics expert in charge of the orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults.


Conservative Denstry

Dental caries causes the destruction of the hard tissue of the tooth. In our practice, we work to regain structural integrity of the tooth with the help of cutting-edge materials and effective means to recover the appropriate function of the tooth.



Gnathology is the dental specialization that studies the delicate relationships and balances that involve the teeth, the bones to which they are anchored, the nervous system that controls the muscles that supervise chewing and the tongue, joints



Periodontology is the science that studies all the tissues that can be the target of different pathologies which, when in action, also come to undermine the stability of the tooth itself as in the case of gingivitis


Dental Prostheses

Fixed or removable dental prostheses, on natural teeth or implants. At our practice, you can prosthetically rehabilitate your mouth with cutting-edge techniques and materials.

Oral Surgery

Doc. Civitelli provides /expert oral surgery/ services including Extractive Surgery, Periodontal surgery and Dental Implant Surgery. The aim is to reduce the number of visits and alleviate the pain during and after the surgery.



We provide restorative implant-retained prosthetics therapies to replace lost, or absent, dental elements through the employment of non-invasive, cutting-edge processes. The safety and reliability of these processes is demonstrated to be highly successful, for risk patients as well.



Doc. Civitelli has recently dedicated herself to implementing non-invasive, aesthetic orthodontics techniques. Lithium disilicate veneers are employed to improve the shape, colour and aesthetic of your teeth. Furthermore, they are used to avoid invasive intervention in your dental structure.



The invisible orthodontics is now possible. Invisalign is the transparent treatment used as an alternative to the more traditional braces and wires orthodontic treatments. Since years, Doc. Squarci is the top Invisalign Provider of our practice.



Radiological examinations in dentistry are essential as they allow the dentist to make the correct diagnosis and therefore to identify the most correct therapy. The studio has recently equipped itself with innovative systems for digital radiology and the execution of dental orthopanotomographies in the office.


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We all belong to the same team

No Standard Solutions

There is not a “one size fits all” therapy. We find the best treatment for each patient by considering their needs in specific periods of their life. ” If I were you, would I do this kind of treatment?” : this is what we ask ourselves every day to put ourselves in your shoes.

Transparent and clear therapies

In our practice, patients who come to define a treatment plan- is it a hygiene session or a more specific treatment- are always informed in advance on the prices. The rates for our services are clear and transparent and do not change as we proceed with the therapies.

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